Staff Directory


Photo of Ken Leffers

Mr. Ken Leffers


Photo of Richard Veldkamp

Mr. Richard Veldkamp

Assistant Principal - High School

Photo of Travis Patten

Mr. Travis Patten

Assistant Principal - Elementary

Photo of Arenda Vanderveen

Mrs. Arenda Vanderveen

Learning Assistance Coordinator

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Julie Hoeksema

Mrs. Julie Hoeksema

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Becky Geusebroek

Mrs. Becky Geusebroek

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Kim Falk

Mrs. Kim Falk

Administrative Assistant

Elementary Teachers

Photo of Marlene Hoetmer

Mrs. Marlene Hoetmer


Photo of Helen Ostermeier

Mrs. Helen Ostermeier

Grade 1.1

Photo of Amey Gordon

Mrs. Amey Gordon

Grade 1.2

Photo of Linda Appleyard

Mrs. Linda Appleyard

Grade 2.1

Photo of Paetra DeWit

Mrs. Paetra DeWit

Grade 2.2

Photo of Leanne Kobes

Mrs. Leanne Kobes

Grade 3.1

Photo of Kate Veldkamp

Ms. Kate Veldkamp

Grade 3.2

Photo of Margaret Tams

Mrs. Margaret Tams

Grade 3

Photo of Joyce Panek

Mrs. Joyce Panek

Grade 4.1

Photo of Miranda Larson

Ms. Miranda Larson

Grade 4.2

Photo of Jonathan VanSchepen

Mr. Jonathan VanSchepen

Grade 5.1 & 6.1

Photo of Ethan Kalsbeek

Mr. Ethan Kalsbeek

Grade 5.2 & 6.2

Photo of Jess DeWit

Mrs. Jess DeWit

Grade 5.3 & 6.3

Photo of Sheena Patten

Mrs. Sheena Patten

Art and Music

High School Teachers

Photo of Loretta Baker

Mrs. Loretta Baker

Grade 7.1 & 8.1

Photo of Wesley De Wit

Mr. Wesley De Wit

Grade 7.2 & 8.2

Photo of Brittany Larson

Ms. Brittany Larson

Grade 7.3 & 8.3

Photo of Brienne Cruz

Mrs. Brienne Cruz

Grade 9

Photo of Ken Hoeksema

Mr. Ken Hoeksema

Grade 10.1

Photo of Ben Zeldenrust

Mr. Ben Zeldenrust

Grade 10.2

Photo of Tyler Hoeksema

Mr. Tyler Hoeksema

Grade 11

Photo of Rebecca Scholtens

Ms. Rebecca Scholtens

Grade 12

Photo of Val Slaa

Mrs. Val Slaa

Photo of Emily Duker

Mrs. Emily Duker


Photo of Annette Veldkamp

Mrs. Annette Veldkamp


Educational Assistants

Photo of Chelsy Begin

Mrs. Chelsy Begin

Educational Assistant

Photo of Sonya de Leeuw

Mrs. Sonya de Leeuw

Educational Assistant

Photo of Darlene Dykstra

Mrs. Darlene Dykstra

Educational Assistant

Photo of Rennie Froma

Mrs. Rennie Froma

Educational Assistant

Photo of Rebecca Geusebroek

Mrs. Rebecca Geusebroek

Educational Assistant

Photo of Melinda Hamoen

Ms. Melinda Hamoen

Educational Assistant

Photo of Sandy Hawkins

Mrs. Sandy Hawkins

Educational Assistant

Photo of Cynthia Heyink

Mrs. Cynthia Heyink

Educational Assistant

Photo of Clara Hoeksema

Mrs. Clara Hoeksema

Educational Assistant

Photo of Val Leffers

Mrs. Val Leffers

Educational Assistant

Photo of Kim Mazereeuw

Ms. Kim Mazereeuw

Educational Assistant

Photo of Maria Peters

Mrs. Maria Peters

Educational Assistant

Photo of Shayna Raap

Ms. Shayna Raap

Educational Assistant

Photo of Audra Saipe

Mrs. Audra Saipe

Educational Assistant

Photo of Yvonne Schouten

Mrs. Yvonne Schouten

Educational Assistant

Photo of Debbie Schreuders

Mrs. Debbie Schreuders

Educational Assistant

Photo of Janelle Sikma

Ms. Janelle Sikma

Educational Assistant

Photo of Mary Smith

Ms. Mary Smith

Educational Assistant

Photo of Kelsey Tolsma

Mrs. Kelsey Tolsma

Educational Assistant

Photo of Miranda VanOrizande

Mrs. Miranda VanOrizande

Educational Assistant

Support Staff

Photo of Denise Bansema

Mrs. Denise Bansema


Photo of Shelley Leffers

Mrs. Shelley Leffers

Career Counsellor

placeholder image for Garrit Vanderveen

Mr. Garrit Vanderveen

Building Manager/Maintenance

Photo of Akkelene Duker

Mrs. Akkelene Duker


Photo of Doreen Vanderveen

Mrs. Doreen Vanderveen


Photo of James Mazereeuw

Mr. James Mazereeuw


Board of Directors

placeholder image for Henry Baker

Mr. Henry Baker

Treasurer (2022-2025)

placeholder image for Laura Veenendaal

Mrs. Laura Veenendaal

President (2021-2024)

placeholder image for Brian De Haan

Mr. Brian De Haan

Vice President (2022-2025)

placeholder image for David Aasman

Mr. David Aasman

Secretary (2021-2024)

placeholder image for Jessica Vander Woerd

Mrs. Jessica Vander Woerd

Promotions (2022-2025)

placeholder image for Dianna Gunnink

Mrs. Dianna Gunnink

Strategic Planning (2020-2023)

placeholder image for Derek Wassink

Mr. Derek Wassink

Education (2022-2025)

placeholder image for Shaun Smeding

Mr. Shaun Smeding

Maintenance (2020-2023)

placeholder image for Jeremy Vandergaag

Mr. Jeremy Vandergaag

Transportation (2021-2024)

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