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Upcoming Fall Athletic Season 2023

Welcome to an exciting new school year for our student-athletes! Are you planning on attending a Penguins event this year? Then you’ll probably want some Penguin gear! Visit the online Igloo Store on the PICS website and then come by the office to purchase what you need! The office is now in charge of all PICS gear. We also now have gift cards available!

The seasons start quickly for our cross country, junior high soccer, and volleyball teams. Please note any important tryout dates and tournaments listed in the summaries below as each sport starts off very quickly.

Cross Country

 This year our cross-country team got to kick off the season by once again getting to travel to Kalispell, Montana. This is a highlight of for any of the athletes and we are very thankful that we can once again participate in this race as well as the team building the trip provides for the athletes. Also, this year the 24-Hour Waddle is scheduled for September 8-9. This is a great fundraiser put on by our cross-country athletes and we look forward to another successful 24-hours of running! The location for the Waddle is will take place at PICS. If you have any questions, please direct them to our cross country coach, Mr. Patten ([email protected]).

Junior High Co-Ed Soccer

The co-ed Junior High soccer team will be coached by Ben DeJong this year. Junior High soccer is a very short but jampacked season! Tryouts will be on Tuesday, September 5th and Wednesday, September 6th. The first official team practice will follow on Thursday, September 7th as League play will begin the following week. We look forward to good weather and another successful soccer year!


Senior High

Micah Duker (boys) & Tom VanOrizande(girls) will coach senior high volleyball. Due to their first tournaments being the first week of school, this year we are having our first tryout date on the day of the school’s open house August 31st. The girls’ tryout is from 5-7pm and the boys’ tryout is from 7-9pm. We also will once again be having open volleyball nights on Tuesday, August 29, Wednesday, August 30, and Friday, September 1 from 7-9. Come drop by for some fun and fellowship!

The second tryout will be on Tuesday, September 5th 5-7pm for the girls and Wednesday, September 6th 7-9pm for the boys. The girls will have a practice on Wednesday from 5-7pm before they leave on Thursday for their tournament in Vermillion. The boys will have a practice on Thursday from 5-7pm before they leave for their tournament in Camrose. League play will begin shortly after. Remember to check out for schedules, standings, and general athletic information.  

Junior High

The Junior High girls and boys will also each have a team and if there is enough interest, we will also have tripleball teams again. The junior high girls will be coached by Brittany Larson and Lindsay DeGraaf and the junior high boys will be coached by Brian DeHaan. If we have tripleball other coaches will be found for their teams. Tryouts will begin the second week of September. Girls will have tryouts on Tuesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 14 from 3:30 to 5:00pm. Boys will have tryouts on Wednesday, September 13 and Friday, September 15.

Please find several documents and files on the school website, as well as links to our league websites. One of the important documents on the website is the Parent Handbook; all parents are expected to read through the handbook if they plan to have a child on a sports team. There have been some amendments made to the handbook so make sure to take another look even if you felt you know the handbook well. If you have a Senior High student playing sports, you must sign the “Metro Student/Guardian Acknowledgement and Agreement”; please hand in the entire contract (all 3 pages) to the office. All parents who will be driving children other than their own will also need to sign and hand in the Volunteer Driver Declaration. It would be wise to do so within the first week of school, even if you aren’t sure if you will be driving during the school year.

We look forward to an exciting year with all our sports teams and student-athletes and would love to see many spectators at our games and events. If you do come out to the gym, please do not bring any food or drink. Adults leading by example goes a long way in helping to keep our gym clean and tidy.

We wish all teams safe travels and enjoyable experiences!

Brittany Larson

[email protected]


December 2023