Grade 12

Grade 12’s only: (planning to attend post-secondary in the Fall of 2024)

October 1st applications opened at universities and colleges across Alberta. It is important to get your applications in asap. Some universities accept by “first apply and meet qualifications, first accepted”. Other university’s pool applications, sort according to meeting qualifications, and then select the highest competitive averages.

This means you can meet the application requirements but might not be selected based on the competitive averages.

It is also important that you are working hard, and doing your best in your courses, because this helps you receive a conditional offer for programs based on your grade 11 marks. 

 On your applications you select a 1st choice program and a 2nd choice program. This means two program choices are covered with your application fee. Please do your research so that you are ready to list 2 programs of preference on your application October 1.

Once you have applied, please check your portal weekly in case the university is trying to contact you. 

And please also keep me posted on whether you receive an offer of acceptance.