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Heart Week & MUFU Day 2022

February 14-17, 2022

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Find our latest update including fundraising totals and a photo gallery HERE!


In February, we traditionally have Heart Week & Mufu Day (formerly known as Manna Day). Heart Week will run from February 14-17, and Mufu Day falls on the final day of Heart Week, Thursday, February 17. The focus of the day, and in fact the whole week, is on raising funds for an orphanage called the Mufu Home in Kenya. This year we are making changes to some of the activities to align with Covid protocols. So, while some things are going to look different, we are doing our best to continue the tradition of being of service to others and supporting the Mufu home.

This notice is an overview of what the newly revised Heart Week will look like:

Coin Races:

The Coin Races in Elementary and Jr. High have kicked off and each class is ready to start collecting for the Mufu Home. The coin race runs from February 1–17.

Elementary:  Each student can bring coins to their classroom that will be counted and added to our elementary total. For this year's coin race we will be swimming for your support! We have an "under the sea" theme and as the students raise more money, deeper levels of the ocean will be revealed with a few surprises along the way.  The students will be collecting coins in their classroom, trying to reach the elementary school goal of $3000 (last year we raised just over $3800 in total through the coin race).  Thank you all for your support and care! 

Jr. High:  The Junior High Coin/$ Drive is focused on continuing to support our two sponsor children, Brian Murimi and Brian Mukundi. This will be our 4th year sponsoring these two individuals, and we hope and pray that we will be able to raise sufficient funds to do so again.

HEART WEEK (February 14-17)

Many fun activities are planned:

School Community Breakfast: we will kick off the week with an Assembly (virtual) that will be viewed by the entire school first thing on Monday morning. While we view the assembly in our classrooms the students will be treated to a tasty bakery treat and a beverage.

Pizza Lunch: on Tuesday the entire school will enjoy a pizza lunch.  We are checking with the Elementary students if they’d like one or two slices of pepperoni pizza to get an idea of how many pizzas we need to order. All Junior and Senior High will receive two slices of pepperoni pizza. There will be a juice box for every student. There is no need to place an order, as all students will be able to participate, but if you can, please send a donation along to help us raise funds for the Mufu Home. A big thank you to the Grad Committee and grad class for donating their time and energy organizing and delivering this tasty lunch.

School Spirit Day: Wednesday is the day to show your school spirit and come dressed in PICS colours!

Mufu Day – Thursday Feb. 17

Elementary: the morning will be filled with fun outdoor activities (starting at 10:00). The teachers and EAs will lead their elementary classes through the exciting Mini OlymPICS challenges. Following a regular lunch, the students will enjoy an afternoon of fun activities organized by their classroom teachers.

Junior High:

- Regular Classes Blocks 1-3

- Carnival Game Set Up - Block 4-5

- Regular lunch break

- Carnival Games Blocks 6 & 7

(7’s will play games with other 7’s, 8’s with 8’s and 9’s with their own class)

- Clean Up and Activities in homeroom classroom


Senior High:

-11:45 - 1:00: Box Lunch Social:

The annual Heart Week Box Lunch Social will again look a little different from previous years. All grade 10-12 students will be working together to raise money towards a pizza lunch to enjoy on Thursday, February 17. The more money raised will result in better pizza, better drinks, and maybe even dessert. More importantly, the more money raised will mean a bigger donation to the Mufu Home orphanage in Kenya. Grade 10-12 students can hand in donations to Mr. VanRaalte, by Tuesday, February 15. Below are the different menu levels:

$1500= Costco Cheese Pizza and School Water

$2000= Little Caesar’s Pepperoni and/or Hawaiian with Juice Boxes

$2500= Papa John’s and Soft Drinks

$3000= Nitza’s Pizza, Soft Drinks and Tuxedo Cake


-1:30 - 2:30: The Minute-to-win-it Ultimate Challenge

-Grades will compete against each other with a prize awarded to the winning class.

-2:30 - 3:30: Clean-up and praise and worship

You may have noticed that the carnival and rummage sale are not part of this year’s activities. They just don’t meet the Covid protocols and so we have had to omit them. Another difference this year is that we will be restricting these activities and events to only the staff and students. Unfortunately, we can’t extend an invitation to parents, families, relatives and friends this year. We will miss you and we thank you for supporting us in this revised edition of Heart Week.