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Grade 7/8 Mission Sale

The grade 7 and 8 combined classes are hosting a mission sale on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. We will be selling popsicles for $1.

The sevens and eights are raising funds to support Zach Hoogerdijk and raise money for his medical care. If you are unfamiliar with who Zach is, here is some information about his situation from his family's blog: Zachary Hoogerdyk, son of Ed and Alice Hoogerdyk, ended up in the Medical ICU at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre (HSC) on Monday, March 25. Zachary is 23 years old.

Zachary is, in the words of the doctors, profoundly ill with influenza and strep (a major bacterial infection). His time in the hospital has had many challenges, including severe septic shock, a cardiac arrest, severe necrotizing pneumonia, a collapsed lung, and brain injury. His dominant hand and both feet became necrotic (turned black), leading to the amputation of his right hand and the anticipated loss of both feet. Due to Zach’s brain injury, he has not regained consciousness throughout his time.

For more information and updates about Zach, you can go read his blog here which posts daily updates about Zach’s condition and needs. Also, here is a fund-raising page for Zach as well if you are interested.

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