Heart Week and Mufu Day

Heart Week Wrap Up

Heart Week and Mufu Day have come and gone, but we couldn’t have done it without you! A huge thank you to everyone who participated and helped to make things run smoothly. It is incredible to see an entire school community come together to raise money and help those in need. A special thank-you to the CRWRF presenter, Konnie Peet, who kicked off Mufu Day with an engaging and informative presentation.

Between the rummage sale, coin races, Box Lunch Social, the concession sales, the carnival and more, we raised a grand total of $5049.82! We reached our goal of $5000, so the principals will have to spend a morning on the roof of the school! We will wait until the weather warms up to be kind to the principals. =)

The winners of the Elementary Coin Race are the Grade 6 (Mrs. Van Raalte) students! They raised $473.14! Yesterday, they got to spray Mr. Leffers with silly string as their prize!

The winners of the Junior High coin race are the Grade 8 (Mr. Ostermeier) students! They raised $230! Soon, they will be able to duct tape Mr. Veldkamp to the wall as their prize!

Well done everyone and thanks for all of your hard work and generosity!

Heart Week!!!

Mufu Day is Approaching....

Thursday, February 15th, 2018
In February, we traditionally have Mufu Day (formerly known as Manna Day). This year, Mufu Day will be on Thursday, February 15. The focus of the day, and in fact the whole week (which we are calling Heart Week), is on raising funds for an orphanage called the Mufu Home in Kenya.
Starting February 5th, there will be a coin race in the Elementary and Jr. High that will run until February 15th. More information on the coin race can be found further below.
During Heart Week (February 12-15), there will be many fun activities planned: Pancake breakfast, Teachers vs Students hockey game, Jr. High Skiing, Sr. High Box Lunch Social, among others.  However, the biggest and best activities are saved for Mufu day itself. Here is a summary of what happens on Mufu Day. A more detailed itinerary including times for each event can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

Mufu Day will begin with an assembly in the gym. This gives us all an opportunity to reflect on how richly God has blessed us as individuals and as a community, and puts the events of the day into the proper perspective of being truly cheerful givers. The rest of the morning will see the elementary students participating in a Winter Mini-OlymPICS featuring lots of unusual outdoor events. The Sr. High students volunteer each year to be group leaders for the younger students. While this is going on the Jr. High students will be setting up a carnival in the gym and in some areas in the high school end. They will also be helping to run a small concession and assisting the teachers in running the Mini-OlymPICS events. After lunch the carnival will be opened up for all to enjoy. The games will cost from 25 to 50 cents except for the maze in the library which will be $1 for the elementary students to play!
Hot Chocolate and Coffee will be free! 
Juice Boxes: 50 cents
Water Bottles: $1.00
Hot Dogs: $1.50
Doughnuts: $1.00

During the afternoon there will also be a rummage sale, with the proceeds going to the Mufu Home. This is when previously donated items are offered for sale at bargain prices. The kindergarten students always get the first crack at the sale, and after that we will work our way up through the grades. (Consider this also to be an appeal to donate gently used toys, books, teddy bears, etc. They can be sent to school with your child, or dropped off at the office.) All in all, it is a wonderful day of fund raising and school spirit.
Everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy Mufu Day!
Parents of elementary students are welcome to come in the morning and watch as their children have fun participating in the Winter Mini Olympics! Parents are also invited to stay for the afternoon, to shop at the rummage sale (after the students have had a chance to browse), and to watch their children playing the fun carnival games! We hope to see you there!
Fundraising Goal:
Attention all students! If we are able to raise $5000 for the Mufu home throughout Heart Week, both Mr. Leffers and Mr. Veldkamp have agreed to spend a morning on the school roof! Let’s see if we can meet this goal and send our principals to the roof!

Elementary Coin Race – Race to the Moon!

This year, the Elementary classes will be racing to the moon as we collect coins for the Mufu Home! Who will be the first grade to plant their flag on the moon? The more coins you bring, the faster your rocket will travel. The class who raises the most money will get to team up and spray the principal, Mr. Leffers, with silly string! (Thanks to Mr. Leffers for being a great sport and agreeing to this!) The race will start on February 5and will end on February 15.
While we will have fun collecting coins, we want to remind students that giving is an act of the heart. “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Heart Week in Junior and Senior High

Heart Week is coming up and that means some extra fun events (even compared to normal weeks at PICS) for the Junior and Senior High students!
The Junior High Coin Race runs all week with classes racing each other to the finish line as they collect money for Mufu.  The more $ they bring, the farther their game pieces will move on our wall display. The class that raises the most money will participate in duct taping the assistant principal, Mr. Veldkamp, to the wall of the gym! Thanks to Mr. Veldkamp for being a good sport and agreeing to this episode of public humiliation!  The race will coincide with the elementary race, and end on Feb. 15th.
Monday (February 12) is the pancake breakfast. Junior and Senior high students will be paired up with elementary students, help them get their food, and share this great meal with them.
Tuesday at lunch is the annual students vs. teachers’ hockey game! Curtis De Haas is organizing the students’ team while Mr. Tyler Hoeksema is putting together the teachers’ team.
The Junior High students will have a day trip to Rabbit Hill on Wednesday, February 14. More information regarding this trip can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.
Also on February 14, the Senior High students will participate in the Box Lunch Social. All girls are expected to make a lunch for two; the boys will purchase the lunches at an auction in Mr. Meliefste’s room (201). Students will be excused from class starting block 3. The girls will head to the kitchen to prepare their feasts, and the boys will decorate room 201. Students will return to class for block 7.
Thursday, February 15 is Mufu Day! The entire school will assemble in the gym at around 8:40. Senior High students will start the day leading the Elementary students through their OlymPICS events which are mostly outside, so please dress appropriately for the weather (see elsewhere in this newsletter for more information on the OlymPICS). Junior High students will spend the morning setting up their Carnival games, the Rummage Sale, and working the concession. Senior High students are permitted to leave school for the day once their tasks are completed. Junior High students will spend the afternoon manning their stations and then cleaning up in time to get on the bus at 3:30.
We are looking forward to an exciting week. We also want to encourage all students to remember that this week is first and foremost about charity and giving generously to those less fortunate than us.
On behalf of the Junior and Senior High teachers,
Brad Van Raalte

Mufu Day Rummage Sale Donations

It’s that time of the year again! We are asking for Rummage Sale Donations for our annual sale on Mufu Day. If you have any gently used items that you would like to donate (books, toys, handbags, etc) please package them well (as they will be in storage for a few weeks) and bring them to school!

Parent Room Available on Mufu Day

On Mufu Day there will be a Parent Room, located in the upper elementary end of the school, in Room #13 (Mr. VanSchepen’s Grade 5 homeroom).  We will clear away the desks, bring in some toys and books for little ones, and chairs for nursing moms.  There is also a sink and a counter.  Please feel free to visit this room to nurse babies, change diapers, park a stroller, or let little ones play.  We hope that Mufu Day is an enjoyable experience for everyone!


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