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Athletics Request

Dear parents, 

On behalf of the athletic department here at PICS I would like to bring to your attention complaints we have received this basketball season from a few schools. It has been observed that some of our parents have ignored signage indicating no food or drink in the gymnasium and then left behind the garbage as well. This is a rule that quite regularly gets ignored at our school as well. We have also received complaints about children being unsupervised in school hallways while parents watch the game. Again, this is something that occurs here at PICS as well.  Children should be supervised at all times at visiting schools and our own. Hallways should not be used a play zones. These behaviors do not show our Christian light in these different environments or even our own environment. We stress among our athletes that above all we care about Christian character and shining a light in the way we play sports. It is important that this same light is shone amongst parents and visitors.  

We kindly ask that these complaints be taken to heart as we would like to foster good relationships with the different schools we play against. Thank you for your time. 

Brittany Larson 
Athletic Director   

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