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Bookopoly is the Name, Reading is the Game! November is Reading Month!

Reading Month Update 

Bookopoly is the Name, Reading is the Game! Reading Month has begun! There are a number of activities happening this month. Please see the calendar for details. 

All grades are encouraged to participate in one way or another.  The first week of November will see the launch of Reading Month with an assembly. DEAR is happening on Thursday, November 3rd.  Next week (November7-10) we look forward to another DEAR day on Tuesday, November 9th.  Don’t forget about our contests! 

Elementary Events: 

Reading Month Kick-Off Assembly -On the morning of Monday October 31st, there will be an assembly to kick off reading month! 

Bookopoly Game Board - Students will track their reading on the Bookopoly Game board! Students will read books to see if they can get around the whole game board as well as read up to a collective goal!  They will fill out slips of Bookopoly money to fill up their banks!  The game board board is located on the wall outside the Staff Room. 

Decorate the Game Piece (K-3) - In their own time, students will decorate given game pieces to be displayed in the school. Pieces due on November 24th. 

New Game Piece Design (4-6) - In their own time, tudents will design a new game piece for Monopoly. Due November 24th. 

Bookopoly Challenge Boards- To further encourage reading at home, we have created 3 challenge boards that students can complete to earn a prize! There will be a challenge board for K-1, 2-3, and 4-6. Each student will only receive 1 board throughout the month. If they complete the entire board, they can return it to school to earn a prize! Prizes will be handed out to each classroom teacher. 

K-6 Buddy Reading- Buddy Reading is back but on a much smaller scale, on November 23 at 12:30pm for 20mins, the classes from grade K-6 will pair up and read together. 

Administration Reading - During the week of November 14-18 , a member of the administration will be dropping by to read to your class. 


Junior and Senior High Events: 

Games at Lunch- During the lunch period of the last day of each week, there will be different games available for the students to play. Bookshelf- After students finish a book, they can write the title and author down on a paper book spine and add it to the bookshelf.

High School Bookopoly- Each Homeroom will get a game piece and compete to put the most houses on the game board. Whoever has the most houses on the game board at the end wins! The game starts on Nov 7th and ends Nov 24th.

Book Cover Contest- In their own time, students will pick a genre and create a book cover to match that genre. There will be a stack of paper that students can use in the library. There will an envelope in the office where they can put their finished art. It starts Nov 7 and is due on Nov 24th. 

Blind date with a book- Go to the library and grab a covered book! 


Whole School Events: 

DEAR –DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) is where the students stop what they are doing, grab a book, and read for approximately 10 minutes. Will be announced on the PA!

Book Character Dress-Up Day – On the final day of reading month, students will be encouraged to dress up like a book character to celebrate reading! 

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