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Class Selection Process

Each year PICS makes decisions regarding class make-up for the grades that have split classes. We continue to adjust class lists for the upcoming year to ensure students are being supported and school resources are being used wisely.  Class lists are adjusted every year for a number of reasons:

  • Every year the needs of individual students change. Additional support that is required one year may not be necessary the next. Balancing student needs, learning assistance resources, and available personnel is an ongoing process. Ensuring a balance of needs and capacities is important for both the students and the teacher.
  • Every year we review course assignments and teaching responsibilities. Experience level and area of expertise is different with each teacher, and may impact how classes are divided and which subjects are taught by whom.
  • Class dynamics weigh into the equation as well. Teachers (both from the present year and the upcoming year) give input into which students work well together, and also which students might benefit socially and/or academically from a different class make up.
  • Enrollment fluctuates from year to year.

Proposed class lists are drafted by teachers, and then reviewed by Learning Assistance and Administration prior to approval.

Although we are no longer providing Class Selection Forms, the school also respects that parents may wish to provide input, or have a perspective that may contribute to this process. Therefore, parents can still submit their thoughts in a letter, with supporting reasons, to the school office by Friday, June 3, 2022.


Thank you,

PICS Administration

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