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Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews

As part of the process of communication between parents and teachers we have set aside Wednesday, December 11th (7-9pm) and Thursday, December 12th (9am-12pm, 1-4pm, 7-9pm) for parent teacher interviews.

We are booking all of our interviews online this time!  We have set up interview schedules online at   You will need to register for an account  if you have not done so already, once you have an account you will need to add students to your account. Now that you have student(s) listed in your account you will see a calendar icon to the far left of your child’s name.  Click on this icon to view available schedules.  We have created three schedules, one for elementary and one for high school and one for Kindergarten only, please ensure you select the correct one for your child.  Click on the calendar icon beside the appropriate schedule.  Now you can select the teacher(s) you would like to schedule interviews with.  Once the teacher(s) is highlighted you click on view calendars below the list of teachers.  You can click on the interview blocks to book them, if you have made a mistake you can click on the block again to delete it if needed. There are options to view appointments as well as to print appointments.  We hope that this process goes smoothly, if you have any questions or need help booking your appointments please call the office or email  You can also click here for more detailed instructions. 

For those parents who have a child in Kindergarten only, we would like to encourage you to book during the afternoon block of Wednesday, Dec.11th, 1-4pm. Mrs. Hoetmer will have a very full schedule so we have set up a bit more time for her parent teacher interviews, however, this extra time will not be convenient for those parents who will want to see other teachers as well. Please keep this in mind when booking your interview!

Please note that some teachers will not be available the entire time, you will be able to see the teachers availability when you are booking your interviews. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause!

The schedules will be available for booking until Tuesday, December 10th.  

Thank- you!

Alida Bosch


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