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Welcome to PICS Family Resources Page!

This page is intended to provide society members with easy access to information, forms, handbooks and resources pertinent to the school. If there are additional items you would like to see made available on the web please contact the office by clicking here

Currently, the following items are available (simply click the items to access):

Bell Schedules

The school day at PICS generally runs from 8:39 AM until 3:28 PM but also runs an early dismissal day (generally on alternating Tuesdays); on early dismissal days the school day ends at 2 PM.  On these days the bell schedule runs the same and the day ends after block 6. 

School Forms

Under this section you will find copies of the Tuition Fee Schedule, Authorization for Automated Fund Transfer, Off-Site (Field Trip) Parent Consent Form, Privacy and Information Protection Act (PIPA) form, and Student Computer Network Access Agreement form.

Learning Resources

Click here to find a variety of learning resources to either further your understanding of Alberta Curriculum as well as the diploma exams and achievement tests. More links to come...


Each week the staff at PICS puts out a newsletter to inform parents of upcoming events. Once a month this newsletter includes an update from each teacher regarding what the focus will be in their classes for the coming month. Currently the newsletter goes home with the youngest child in each family, but they are also available online. Click the newsletter link and sign up for electronic newsletter delivery!


Once a month PICS publishes a school magazine. This publication carries a message from the principal or school board president, and often includes student work, updates from other school committees, and other educational reading.  We will be placing PDF documents of our most recent PICS LIFE publications.

School Handbook,   CCU Student Banking Back Cover 

New to PICS? Curious about what happens within these walls? The school handbook is a guide to what occurs within our school. It explains expectations for conduct, opportunities for academic achievement and awards, and brief summaries of what each month at school may look like.

Senior High School Handbook

This handbook is for our senior high students, grade 10-12.  You will find information on courses that are available and scholarships and awards.

School Board Governance Policy Guide

The School Board provides governance and oversight of the school, to ensure that the vision and mandate of the parents is living in the school. To provide transparency and ensure consistency, the School Board is policy driven in its approach. The Board Governance document is a collection of ’living’ policies which are regularly reviewed and updated.

 PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal 

Parkland’s PowerSchool student information system provides for both parent and student access to information about student achievement, attendance and provides the opportunity to set up regular email updates.  The link above will provide you with instructions for how to access this system for your son or daughter in High School.  

Supply List

At the start of the school year, each student is expected to bring a certain amount of their own supplies. This handy chart explains the expectations for each grade!

Bank Day Schedule

The Christian Credit Union comes to the school and provides in school banking services for the students. Along with the banking services, contests and prizes, the students and PICS also earn bonus interest.  


The transportation committee continues to work to define a service policy for bussing. Click the link above for more information.

Career Corner

Career Counseling at PICS
Each student in Grade 9-12 meets with a career counselor each year, to help facilitate the process of determining post secondary options. The students also have the opportunity to research career choices online, and work on career assignments in Health and Career and Life Management courses.

High School students are taken annually to career fairs in the Edmonton area, and periodically we host a Career Day at PICS as well.

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s schooling and career considerations. There are many sights available online to research post secondary requirements and scholarship opportunities. Recently Mrs. Michelle Hooimeyer made a presentation to students on scholarship opportunities. Her PowerPoint can be found here.



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